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Brewery will be closed from 20th December 2017 to 2nd January 2018. We will be accepting orders in this time. Please ring Katie on 07868345228.

Nomadic Beers will be producing new recipes regularly so please pop by to see what we have on offer!


If you would like a 4.5 gallon pin or an unfined cask (suitable for vegans!) please drop us a call or email.


Bottles are now available.




Pale 3.8%

Our best selling Pale is currently in the FV. This Pale is dry-hopped to produce a flavoursome yet easy drinking beer.

Available in cask


Citra 4.5%

Next in our single hop pale series. Citra is an American hop has citrus and

tropical aromas.

Available in cask, bottles coming soon.


Pariah 4.6%

Fruity bitter. Jam on toast is a good description. The malt based comes through well and is balanced with the fruity Azacca anf Eureka hops.

Available in cask.


Dough Puncher 4.8%

A pale brewed with surplus bread from Wapentake (Kirkgate,Leeds) and Leeds Bread Co-op (Penraevon Industrial Estate, Leeds). Chopped up, lightly toasted and included in the mash, the

bread gives this beer a malty flavour, which has been balanced with light hopping with Citra, Simcoe and Summer.

Available in cask


Jinx 5.0%

American Pale Ale with 5 different hops - Columbus, Comet, Centennial, Ahtanum, Summer and Mosaic. All work really well together bringing dry citrus and piney flavours. Brewer's Favourite! UNFINED - suitable for vegetarian and vegan beer lovers.

Available in cask, bottles coming soon.


Banshee 6.0%

Brewed and DDH with Falconer's Flight 7Cs hop blend. This is a blend of hops that gives the best of all the 'C' hops (a special prize if you can name them all!) and flavours that will get you shrieking with delight. UNFINED - Suitable for vegetarian and vegan beer lovers.

Available in cask.


COMING SOON (Pre-orders welcome)

Pale, Strider, Bandit and Stout will be the first brews of 2018.


Core range will be available from January... More details coming soon!














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