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We now have a range of bottled beer available which can be bought online. Just click the link below!


Only small batches are available of each brew as we bottle, label and distribute them to trade customers ourselves (as well as all the other tasks that come with running a brewery!)

All of our bottles are suitable for vegetarian beer lovers, and most of them are also vegan friendly.



Trade Customers :We are able to deliver to customers in Yorkshire. However, trade customers further afield we now sell our beers via Eebria. Click here to see what we have on offer!


We currently have the following available:

Dough Puncher 4.8%

A pale brewed with surplus bread from Wapentake (Kirkgate,Leeds) and Leeds Bread Co-op (Penraevon Industrial Estate, Leeds). Chopped up, lightly toasted and included in the mash, the bread gives this beer a malty flavour, which has been balanced with light hopping with Citra, Simcoe and Summer.


Citra 4.5%

Single hop pale. Citra is an American hop with citrus and tropical flavours.


Jinx 5.0%

American Pale Ale with 5 different hops - Columbus, Comet, Centennial, Ahtanum, Summer and Mosaic. All work really well together bringing dry citrus and piney flavours. 


750ml bottles 

Anchor Troll 5.6% 

Spiced rum brown ale. These larger bottles are great for sharing. We only produced 48 bottles so they are very limited edition, each individually numbered.


Coming soon

Freyja 4.9%

This is a new edition of our stout - cherry and chocolate. Cocoa powder and real fruit makes this an indulgent brew! Contains lactose.


Phantom 4.9%

Our usual stout recipe with cocoa and vanilla pods. All natural flavours. Contains lactose.


Banshee 6.0%

Brewed and DDH with Falconer's Flight 7Cs hop blend. This is a blend of hops that gives the best of all the 'C' hops (a special prize if you can name them all!) and flavours that will get you shrieking with delight.








Click here to buy our bottles online! 22424236_1934457953481152_7626807811588532920_o