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Brewery will be closed from 20th December 2017 to 2nd January 2018. We will be accepting orders in this time. Please ring Katie on 07868345228.

Bad Seed and a West Coast IPA

By nomadicbeers, Oct 29 2017 10:43AM

We had a great day out in Malton earlier this month, brewin up a storm with Bad Seed Brewery.

After discussing recipes we decided to go for a 6.2% West Coast IPA . Lots of hops, unfined and unfiltered... It's going to be one juicy brew.

Ross and myself had a great time brewing with Chris and James. They were very welcoming and the coffee was flowing (very important for the brewing process). As we are thinking about our expasion plans it's great to talk to other brewers about their experiences with buildings, brew kits and water supply. Thanks for the advice guys!

Hitchhiker will be released in cask and KeyKeg week beginning 13th November.

Ross and James digging out the mash tun
Ross and James digging out the mash tun
Ross getting in to the copper.
Ross getting in to the copper.
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